Experience, Embody & Enliven your whole Being through the practices and study of the Vedic Healing Sciences.



I am so glad you are here. Veda Alive (A Living Institute of Vedic Education) is a living institute of the Vedas that supports and offers consciousness and experientially-based learning both online and in-person; promoting self-healing, transformation, and bliss.  It is a HUB for the like-minded - for those who are dedicated to the ground of Being. It is a place where we collectively meet and directly experience our aliveness through our daily Vedic practices and through our connection with one another. We come together and base ourselves in the Vedic practices of unfolding, embodiment, and enlivenment (Sadhanas), the compassionate healing space of our hearts and our community (Sangha), and the clear knowingness within (Satya).

Sadhanas (practices)


Committing to our daily practice is often a fantasy for many.  What would it be like to access the courage inside to never abandon your deep desire to be with yourself each day? Can you imagine what it would feel like to be able to tap into the deep well of your being and dive into direct and embodied experience on a regular basis?  

Sangha (community)


Something special happens when we learn, heal and grow in the midst of community.  We widen and deepen into aspects of ourselves that would have been otherwise untouched.  Quantum physics explains that we indeed have a direct impact on one another's energetic fields.  It is through a sense of compassionate belonging that we can access deep change. 


Satya (truth)


When we have directly experienced who we are in our multitude of forms, we begin to polish our clarity of our purpose, and our true nature.  Through accessing this inner reservoir of truth, we begin to see the truth emanate all around us. We feel in harmony with everything on the outside and the inside and realize it is one and the same. 

Programs that Focus on Your Self-Healing.

Online, Hybrid and In-Person.

Get started with a group program today and receive the healing and transformation support you are looking for. The goal of Veda Alive is to bring you back to your Self (your True Nature) through courses, programs, and retreats that foster, nurture, and support the unfoldment of your wise and true nature. After all, it is your True Nature that knows what you need to heal and transform as well as has its own beautiful expression of creative intelligence. 

Steeped in the Vedas, we cover a wide range of subjects for the modern-day student to directly experience, embody, and access these timeless teachings and further empowering their connection with true nature while alive. 


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